Our Story

Rosewood is the brainchild of Edward Scull, a London based Percussionist and Producer.

The idea spawned from Edward’s personal need for a creative space to compose and record his extensive collection of drums and percussion. Whilst planning the build Edward met Sebastian Truman, now Rosewood’s Head Engineer and Producer, who’s similarities in musical belief and incredible work ethic towards music creation, cast the foundations of a close friendship and fantastic working musical partnership, both as co-writers and co-producers. Both shared a passion for recording, but also shared the frustrations often encountered where technicalities or external distractions can get in the way and stifle the creative process.

Considering themselves musicians before anything else, their views quickly aligned on how a recording studio ‘should’ be. Yes, a studio has (and needs) a very technical infrastructure, but first and foremost it is a creative space that should excite and inspire those who walk into it, not intimidate or confuse them.

Getting the gear and equipment set up right is of course of importance, but if the musicians don’t feel comfortable and inspired by their environment, or are left waiting around for hours while compressors are dialled in, then the performance element will suffer more than any equipment can compensate. It thus became the focus to create a space aimed at achieving the best possible performance from the instrumentalist within it. A studio built for musicians, by musicians.

The first step would be designing a Live Room with a fantastic acoustic that would both sound good when recorded, but also resonate back to the musician playing within in it. It was then a case of creating an aesthetic that felt good to be in, from having the right lighting to create a ‘vibe’, to having inspiring pictures on the walls. Also of importance was removing outside distractions. As such the studio is situated away from city chaos, with surrounding beautiful countryside. Much passion and care was spent over every detail, to get the place to look, feel and of course sound right.

The Studio was designed by Chris Walls of Level Acoustic Design, constructed and commissioned by Studio-Creations Ltd.