The Rosewood Family offers a variety of professional services designed to take care of all day to day needs of a working musician, promotor, booking agent and management company. We offer services that range from stage runners through to a complete logistical solution for a visiting band on their UK leg of a tour. We run our own vehicles for light logistical needs and work with our partners when requirements call for larger transportation including HGV. We take care of everything so all you have to do is give us the locations and dates and we will sort the rest.


We have a great team at Rosewood looking after all technical needs from runners and techs all the way to full stage management and artist liaison. We understand just how time critical and stressful concert days can be, often waiting on different services to finish their job before the next can start. For this reason, we are a big believer in supplying teams that work as a single unit taking care of all aspects of the production. You will often find our techs setting the stage in the morning and then jumping on the backline to help with line checks and also working alongside production to make sure the event runs effortlessly and smoothly.


With ease for the musician in mind, we offer a complete storage solution for their instruments. We have our own secure premises where we store and service the instruments ready to be delivered and set up wherever they’re needed. We work closely with many of the industry leaders when it comes to breakables and accessories which means we can supply drummers with new heads and sticks, guitarists with new strings and pics and keyboard players with pedals and cables. We also have a custom shop catered towards drum and percussion maintenance. We take care of all servicing required including re-heading drums, timpani maintenance and even re-cutting drum shells and sorting out imperfections in bearing edges.


As professional musicians ourselves, we understand the need for total peace of mind when it comes to transporting and setting up bespoke and often irreplaceable instruments. All jobs undertaken carry full insurance, so rest assured, we will do everything in our power to avoid issues and damage.


As well as offering logistical solutions for instruments and backline, we also offer transportation services for the artists and crew. From one-off gigs a few hours away, to UK wide tours with multiple stops. We can chauffeur artists, crew and management in comfortable splitter vans and minibuses catered for the touring musician with all the amenities such as air-conditioning, television, seating with tables, on-board WIFI with internet (to be requested when booking).


We’ve got you covered here as well. Working alongside our partners in the hotel and hospitality sectors, we will take care of your accommodation and hospitality requirements. We cater for all your needs whether it’s a few rooms at a Holiday Inn or a bespoke suite at one of Edinburgh’s luxurious 5-star hotels.